New! Password Study Dictionary
English - Spanish
Levels: Secondary
Ages: 12 - 18
Password Study Dictionary is a complete reference tool for secondary students on bilingual and multilingual programmes.
Why choose Password?

The Password corpus contains key vocabulary from secondary level CLIL textbooks. Entries give concise definitions and explanations, abundant examples, usage notes written in English and the translation of the words in Spanish. Online access lets users easily consult any word or section.
Extra sections make Password the ideal study companion by offering:
  •         CLIL Insert of 40 pages of illustrations
  •         Conversation guide for everyday situations and exam tasks
  •         Spanish-English index
  •         Grammar boxes
  •         Vocabulary topic boxes
  •         Grammar appendix

            Discover the advantages of Password online

  • Quick access search feature
  • Hyperlinks connect every word
  • Downloadable Posters to print
  • Provides additional information
  • Recordings with UK and US pronunciation
  • Offers over 300 extra practice activities
  • Projects on screens and IWB

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