My World
My World Learner's Dictionary
English - Spanish / Spanish - English
Levels: Primary
Ages: 8 - 12


My World Learner’s Dictionary takes learners on bilingual programmes straight to the words and definitions they need!
Why choose My World?
My World gives learners everything they need for sucess. This reference tool helps develop learner autonomy skills online and with the print version. It is the perfect companion for students on bilingual programmes!
  • Over 9,200 English-Spanish terms from the UDP bilingual corpus.
  • Quick reference in class, at home or anywhere!
  • The digital format allows for easy classroom ICT support and consultation.
  • Instructive definitions provide clear answers.
  • Colourful illustrations and organization make looking for information fun.
  • 60 full-page illustrations of lexical groups, concepts and CLIL vocabulary.
  • 30 page Conversation Guide provides a reference where pupils need it.
  • Check doubts easily with Grammar Boxes and a Grammar Summary in Spanish.
  • View My World in action!
    My World Learner´s Dictionary multimedia

    • Online access to the dictionary for home, class and IWB.
    • Lexical entries and examples of UK and US pronunciation.
    • Over 400 extra activities and special resources to reinforce learning.
    • Hyperlinks totally connect all of the words in the dictionary!
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