Ideal support for multilingual programmes
  • Based on key vocabulary and concepts from various curricular subjects
  • Definitions, explanations and usage examples written in English
  • Translation of the words in Spanish
  • Extra elements included for comprehensive CLIL reference support
Plus! Online access with all the information from your dictionary including:
         -Over 300 extra practice activities
         -Downloadable material to print or project on screens and IWBs        
         -Recordings with UK and US pronunciation
  • Especially designed for Spanish  elementary and intermediate students
  • Over 40,000 terms, translations and examples
  • 60 colour pages of thematic illustrations
  • Conversation guide
  • Grammar appendix
  • Especially designed for Spanish intermediate and upper-intermediate students
  • Over 150,000 terms, translations and examples
  • An extensive conversation guide comprised of 70 pages of useful sections for everyday tasks and official exams
  • 40 thematic illustrations
  • Grammar appendix
  • 30 vocabulary topic boxes
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