Supplementary materials
DVD Readers
Level: Secondary EFL / A2 - B1
Ages: 12 - 18


Travel the world without leaving your classroom!

DVD Readers are a series of nonfiction graded readers that explore the world with supporting DVD material.

Why choose DVD Readers?
DVD Readers are based on popular TV factual series and documentary films exploring the gastronomy and traditions of other countries. This series presents teenage students with engaging content that covers a range of curriculum content areas.
The reader itself tells the story of the episode or film in graded language, providing students with background information and context, as well as language support, before they watch the clips that follow each chapter. This means that students can work on all four language skills when using this material in class.

The DVD clips are taken from the original TV show or film and expose students to authentic English, supported by a simplified voiceover and subtitle option, and provide an excellent opportunity for audio-visual comprehension practice.

Each DVD Reader includes:
Student´s material:
  • A DVD documentary
  • Word bank and conversational language
  • Self-study activities
Teacher´s resources:
  • Downloadable teachers´s notes in SM Conectados
Available titles:


Take away my takeaway: Texas

Level: A2

ISBN: 978-84-15478-56-0

Hayley and Lauren love hamburgers but how much do they know about their favourite takeaway? TV show Take Away My Takeaway sends the girls to Texas in the USA to find out more. With the help of cattle rancher Nick Cole, they learn how to buy, feed and look after the cows on his ranch. Will the girls ever eat hamburgers again? And they can learn to cook the perfect Texan burger in just three days?



Take away my takeaway: Hong Kong

Level: A2

ISBN: 978-84-15478-58-4

British teenagers Adam and Danny love Chinese takeaways but what do they know about real Chinese food? TV show Take Away My Takeaway sends the boys to Hong Kong to finds out more. They discover some wonderful tastes…and some strange ingredients! Can they learn to cook sweet and sour pork in just three days? And will top chef Vivi Cheung and her friends enjoy it?



Brilliant Britain: The Seaside

Level: A2

ISBN: 978-84-15478-61-4

The weather in Britain is not always perfect but the British love the seaside! In the TV show Brilliant Britain, singer and songwriter Suggs travels around the UK to find out more. He discovers a winter swimming club, some amazing beach huts and a very unusual amusement arcade…


Take away my takeaway: Italy

Level: B1

ISBN: 978-84-15478-62-1

Daniel and AJ love takeaway pizza but what do they really know about Italian food? TV show Take Away My Takeaway sends the boys to Naples in Italy to find out more. With the help of pizza chef Enzo, the boys learn all about real Neapolitan pizza. They discover how to milk a buffalo and how to shop for ingredients without speaking any Italian! After three days, are the boys ready to make pizza for expert Antonio Pace?


Take away my takeaway: New Orleans

Level: B1

ISBN: 978-84-15478-57-7

Jodie loves Southern fried chicken takeaway but what does she know about real soul food? TV show Take Away My Takeaway sends Jodie to New Orleans in the USA to find out more. She works on a chicken farm, takes part in a New Orleans street parade and learns all about her favourite food! But can she meet the final challenge: making real Southern fried chicken for top New Orleans chef Jacques Imo?


Brilliant Britain: Breakfasts

Level: B1

ISBN: 978-84-15478-60-7

British DJ and artist Goldie eats a traditional English breakfast every morning. In the show Brilliant Britain, Goldie finds out more about where the ingredients of his favourite meal come from. He visits a free-range pig farm, learns how to make sausages, and discovers why an organic breakfast is always best!



Brilliant Britain: Tea

Level: B1

ISBN: 978-84-15478-59-1

Irish boxer Barry McGuigan loves tea and drinks ten cups a day! In the show Brilliant Britain, Barry finds out more about his favourite drink. He tastes tea at Twinings, Britain’s oldest tea company, has afternoon tea with an etiquette expert at the Ritz Hotel, and, most importantly, learns how to make the perfect cuppa!
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