Supplementary materials
Bible Stories
Level: Pre A1 to A2
Ages: 6 - 12
Greet the new series for Religion in English!
Bible Stories is a new series of graded readers for younger learner participating in pastoral bilingual reading programmes.

Why choose Bible Stories?
Bible Stories is comprised of six graded readers that take learners progressively from a Pre-A1 level to A2 following the YLE exam syllabus from Pre-Starters level to Flyers. Each beautifully illustrated book includes favourite stories from the Bible and one or more prayer in English.

Bible Stories also includes the following downloadable teaching materials for each book in SM Conectados:
  • Classroom audio
  • Teaching notes
  • Photocopiable worksheets

Creation - Pre-Starters / Pre A1 level
ISBN: 978-84-15478-71-3
Creation tells the story of how God made the universe and all of its inhabitants. Simple words are used to help very young learners feel comfortable with reading. Includes the easy to memorize Thank you prayer.
Table of contents
  • God's gift
  • God creates man and woman
  • Prayer: Thank you

Baby Jesus – Starter / Pre A 1 level
ISBN: 978-84-15478-72-0
Baby Jesus tells the story of Jesus’ life as a baby and a young boy and includes the Little Baby Jesus prayer.
Table of contents
  • Mary
  • Jesus is born
  • Nazareth
  • Prayer: Little Baby Jesus

God is with us - Pre-Movers / Pre A1 level
ISBN: 978-84-15478-73-7
God is with us tells the stories of Moses and the birth of Jesus as well as including the Prayer to Mary.
Table of contents
  • God goes with his people
  • God sends Jesus
  • Prayer: Prayer to Mary

The land of Jesus – Movers /A1 level
ISBN: 978-84-15478-74-4
The land of Jesus includes information about what life was like when Jesus was alive. It also contains seven of the main parables summarized in an easy-to-read presentation format. Includes the prayer In gratitude of family and friends.
Table of contents
  • The country where Jesus was born
  • Nazareth, the town of Jesus
  • The house of Galilee
  • Family
  • Boys and girls
  • The synagogue
  • Jerusalem and the temple
  • Holy days
  • Social class
  • Parables: The sower, The hidden treasure, Wheat and weeds, The two houses, The shepherd and his sheep, The prodigal son, The unforgiving servant.
  • Prayer: In gratitude of family and friends.

The life of Jesus – Pre-Flyers / A1 level
ISBN: 978-84-15478-75-1
The life of Jesus summarizes the main stories from the Bible that tell the story of his life. Illustrations and simple sentences using the past simple allow learners to understand texts easily.
Table of contents
  • The baptism of Jesus
  • Temptations in the desert
  • The first disciples of Jesus
  • Healing the sick
  • Jairus' daughter
  • Jesus calms the storm
  • The Lord’s prayer
  • Miracle bread
  • Bartimaeus, the blind beggar
  • On the way to Jerusalem
  • The last supper
  • Jesus died on a cross
  • The resurrection on the third day
  • Jesus goes up to heaven 
  • Prayers:
            - Family prayer
            - At the close of every day
            - Be near me, Lord Jesus

Bible characters – Flyers / A2 level
ISBN: 978-84-15478-76-8
Bible characters is a collection of some of the most loved stories from the Bible. These readers will help learners to consolidate important reading comprehension skills in English.
Table of contents
  • What was religion like in the times of the Bible?
  • Abraham, father of all believers
  • Moses, nation liberator
  • David, God’s friend
  • Solomon, the wise king
  • The prophets, messengers of God
  • The story of Daniel
  • Jonah and the giant fish
  • John the Baptist
  • Prayers:
            - The apostles’ creed
            - A child's prayer for morning
            - Closing prayer

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